“Day Dream” T-Shirt In Indigo


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: 50 polyester 50 cotton, Next Level
  • Ships FREE in continental United States
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Product Description

The story:
My drawings, paintings, and block prints of water are all done from memory. Countless hours of sitting on a board or bobbing around on a boat has allowed me to really look at the surface of water and study all of the elements that influence it’s surface. I don’t get tired of the this subject matter. For this t-shirt design, rather than become impatient while waiting on hold with my medical insurance company, I chose to escape and focus on better places than where I was in the now. The drawing was done on a small notepad. Life is good. I hope you enjoy the design.

My t-shirt line is called “uroko”, meaning “fish scales” in Japanese. Uroko celebrates the people who find peace in the ocean waves, food and sport from the creatures that live within our planet’s fresh and salt waters, and camaraderie from the togetherness that we share in experiencing these wonderful gifts that we have a chance to interact with. Thank you for supporting my passion of making fun t-shirts.